Fun Inside When It’s Too Cold To Be Outside
Fun Inside When It’s Too Cold To Be Outside

Fun Inside When It’s Too Cold To Be Outside

While I like to get outside with my children as much as possible sometimes, a few time a year, it’s just too cold to be outside playing! When the cold freezes your eyelashes and the air hurts your skin, we like to stay inside and find things to do in the warmth. We enjoy going out on indoor field trips when it’s cold but sometimes it’s nice to be able to just stay home. This poses a whole new problem though, children still get bored. Of course, we play with toys and read books but here are some other things that we enjoy doing when we spend the day at home!

Set up a obstacle course.

This can be as simple or as extravagant as you feel like preparing. Sometimes this just means me throwing pillows on the floor and having the kids jump from one pillow to the next. Other times this means that I set up little stations where the kids will complete a different task at each station. They seem to really enjoy this and it’s great at getting the wiggles out!

Sensory bins.

If your kids are anything like my kids they will absolutely love the idea of playing with sand or water in the house. A while ago we even brought some snow into the house in a bin because it was just too cold to be sitting outside for a long time but my daughter really wanted to play with the snow. You can see all my sensory bin ideas here; Sensory Bins For Beginners

Paint on rolls of paper.

I love the giant rolls of paper to use for free painting or drawing. They allow so much room and everyone can have a section of the role of their own giant piece of paper! Sometimes it’s fun to trace yourself and then draw on clothes like a paper doll or create giant blueprints of your dream house!

Bake some cookies or cakes.

Times, when it’s really cold, is truly the best times to bake because the house is feeling cold and this is a perfect way to warm it up a bit! We really love making cookies and cupcakes that we can decorate. It’s great because it really turns into a cooking and art project!

Play ball in the basement.

If you have a fairly empty basement or room in your house, even an empty garage would work, you can let the kids run around and kick a ball. We have some really softballs and I have let the kids play soccer in the basement before. It helps get their energy out and stops them from running up and down the stair screaming!

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