Educational Youtube Channels
Educational Youtube Channels

Educational Youtube Channels

Youtube isn’t only for hilarious cat videos and fancy toy unboxings. It’s also a giant library for educational videos. There are some really amazing Youtube channels for learning videos. There’s also a bunch of really awesome people and families who are travelling around the world which can be a super fun way to introduce studying new places. My son is constantly watching different science channels, he loves how quick the videos are and how much information he can find on his own.

If you know of an Educational Youtube Channel that fits into one of these categories, please leave it in the comments and I will add it to the list.
If there’s a category you think would help people, please leave it in the comments and I will look into adding it!


acapellascience – Science songs, science acapella songs, and other science videos.
AsapSCIENCE – Qucick videos explaining hot science topics.
BBC Earth Unplugged – So many great animal videos of animals all over the world!
Crash Course Kids – All sorts of science topics explained in 5min or less.
CrashCourse – Tons of science topics explained but also other topics
Happy Learning English – Short kids science videos and other topics.
Life Noggin – Answers to all the questions about life that you have.
MocomiKids – Some really great science videos and other topics.
National Geographic – Video about animals and the world.
Peekaboo Kidz – Your kids have a weird question and they have the ansure.
SciShow – Science can be weird, kids love it!
SciShow Kids – CHILD FRIENDLY version of SciShow for youger viewers, with the same great science!
TVOKids – Full episodes of kids shows; Magic School Bus, Science Max, OddSquad, and more!

Social Studies:

AllHistories – History documentaries broken up into 10-15min videos.
CrashCourse – Tons of history videos but also tons of other topics.
Geography Now – Quick fact videos about different countries.
Happy Learning English – Short kids history videos and other topics.
Horrible Histories in Full HD – Horrible history shows broken up into shorter videos.
MocomiKids – Some really great history videos and other topics.


KidsEduc – Kids Educational Games – Math videos but also videos for every other topic!
mathantics – Math videos with some added humour.
Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids – Explaining simple math.
MashUp Math – Math tudor via Youtube videos.
Math Kids – Early math consepts for young kids.

Language Arts: Early Learning Academy – Alphabet songs, kids craft videos, and early math.
Alphablocks – Letters, spelling, phonics, and even some math videos.
HeidiSongs – Phonics songs.
Hooked on Phonics – Phonics songs and story time videos.

Physical Education & Health

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Kids yoga in story form.
Doctor Mike – A real doctor answering health questions.
SciShow Psych – Simple psychology explained.

Traveling Families

Adventure Family
Epic Family Adventure
Knorpp and South
The Bucket List Family
Worldschool Family



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